Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Beier Twin Screw Extruder Compounding & Pelletizing Lines

 Strand and water ring pelletizing and compounding systems twin 2 

Beier's TSK-B line of co-rotating twin screw extruder plastics compounding and plastics pelletizing extrusion lines are designed and built for workhorse, trouble free performance. The TSK-B line of twin screw plastic compounding extruders are offered with diameters of 35mm through to 95mm and L/D ratios up to 48:1.

Beier Plastics Compounding & Plastics Pelletizing Systems feature:

  • Strand, water-ring or die face cutting plastic pelletizing systems.
  • UL/CSA approved electrical components.
  • Heavy duty, high torque extruder gear boxes.
  • AC extruder motors.
  • Long life extruder barrel and screw segments.
  • Available with a Siemens PLC extruder and pelletizing line controller.
  • Excellent customer references.
  • Each compounding line is set-up and trial run before shipment.
  • Locally available electrical components such as:
    • ABB or Hitachi inverters
    • Parker speed regulators
    • RKC or Omron temperature controllers
    • Siemens contactors
    • Schneider circuit breakers
    • Siemens PLC controllers
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