Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Beier Single Screw Extruder Pelletizing Lines

Pelletizing Extrusion Lines and Systems

Beier is a leading manufacturer of single screw extruder plastic pelletizing lines using strand or water-ring pelletizing systems. Typical applications are for in-house plastic material reclaim or for the production of plastic pelletized material for the aftermarket.

Beier Plastics Pelletizing Systems Feature:

  • Plastic strand or water-ring pelletizing systems.
  • FPlastic film reclaim systems.
  • UL/CSA approved electrical components.
  • Vented and non-vented extruders.
  • Heavy duty, precision extruder gear boxes.
  • Available with a PLC extruder and extrusion line controller.
  • Each plastic pelletizing line is set-up and run-off before shipment.
 Pelletizing Auxiliary EquipmentPelletizing Auxiliary Equipment  SJ Single Screw Extruder Specifications SJ Single Screw Extruder Specifications
 Plastics Pelletizing Auxiliary Equipment  SJ Single Screw Plastics Extruder Specifications